The Name

Casa Manolo, the name, really sums up what this unique business is about. When one enters "The House", you are immediately greeted with a smiling face and perhaps a Jamaican riddle; immediately to your right Dulcie swings by in her spotless apron offering you our in-house rum punch and a finely toasted bun and cheese. The staff is buzzing around; phone calls are being announced left right and centre for Krishna; Neena's selecting the latest music videos on the plasma screen while Millie's coaching her kids over the phone. What is going on you ask yourself?

Then the question comes, "Can I help you?" It's at this point that The House transforms into a world of services brilliantly contrived by Manolo. Manolo was always a man of services from his early days of orchard raiding in India; to his formative years in Spain replenishing sailor's pockets; to conquering the tourist and local markets of Jamaica. In Manolo's House, one is able to convert their money into any currency, splash themselves with the finest fragances, treat themselves to sparkling jewelry and fill-in on the latest technology. Finally, after quenching your thirst with an ice cold Red Stripe, getting an A-Z run through on everything, if Manolo still doesn't have what you need you'll part on these final words, "We'll get it for you".

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